How is the laser used?🔥

Як застосовують лазер?

Laser – what is it and how is a laser used?

A laser is a device that creates a narrow and extremely powerful beam of light that can burn through even very strong materials. How is the laser used?

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Laser technologies are widely used in various fields of science and technology.

Lasers are used in scientific research (physics, chemistry, biology, mining, etc.), holography, and engineering.

Як застосовують лазер?

Laser radiation can be continuous, with a constant power, or pulsed, reaching extremely high peak powers. In some schemes, the working element of the laser is used as an optical amplifier for radiation from another source.

Where is the laser used?

Lasers are used for scientific and research missions in space on satellites with the help of which it is possible to transfer terabytes of important data.

Laser communication uses invisible infrared light to send and receive information at higher data rates, giving spacecraft the ability to send more data to Earth in a single transmission, which speeds up the processing of the information for researchers

Industrial lasers allow fast and accurate machining of solid material

Lasers are also used for engraving, welding, and marking.

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For example, they are used to cut car parts from metal, and then connect them.

Many technical devices have been created on the basis of laser technologies, among which laser printers and barcode readers are the most famous.

Як застосовують лазер?

In medicine, lasers are used for diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Surgical laser scalpels make it possible to perform complex operations with minimal blood loss, including on the brain. Doctors can also use a laser to remove skin growths, treat teeth, and correct vision.

In the military sphere, lasers are mainly used to create targeting systems for helicopters.

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